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frown Tired of losing money ??
LUCK9 supports you !

► Every total loss in [ slots、fishing、bingo ] gets a 9 % unlimited Rescue Bonus automatically on the next day at 10 AM !! smileysmileysmiley

【Total Lose】

₱3,000 ►3%

₱30,000 ►6%

₱100,000 ►9%

◆ Withdrawal Limit: Valid bet X1

Miximmum Bonus: ₱9,999 PHP (Bonus Limit)


【Terms & Conditions】 

1. LUCK9 reserves the right to modify, end, and cancel promotions and events at any time.

2. LUCK9 reserves the right to freeze all accounts and funds without prior notice to any individual or organization who is suspected of using dishonest methods to receive promotion benefits. 

3. LUCK9 reserves the right of final interpretation. 

※ To prevent misunderstanding in the written information provided, please contact our customer service for clarification.